Documents (Powerpoint files of talks)

  • An invited talk on "Superconductivity in single- and multi-band Hubbard models: can we optimise them?" at Superstripes 2018, Rome, 13 Jun 2018 ppt file
  • An invited talk at "International Symposium on New Horizons in Condensed Matter Physics" (June 2016) in Tokyo. ppt file
  • An invited talk on "Photo-induced Floquet topological insulator" at Int. Workshop TOPOLOGY in the New Frontiers of Materials Science, Tsukuba, 1 Apr 2014 ppt file
  • An invited talk on "Manipulating Dirac fermions - graphene nanomesh, dot and polarisation" at Int. Focus Workshop on Recent Progress and Perspectives in Scaling, Multifractality, Interactions, and Topological Effects Near Anderson Transitions, Dresden, 11 Mar 2014. ppt file
  • An invited talk on "Carbon-based vs transition-metal superconductors --- a theoretical outlook", at ICTP-LEMSUPER Conf. on Mechanisms and Developments in Light-element Based and Other Novel Superconductors, Trieste, 25 Sept. 2013. ppt file
  • A talk on "π electron systems --- graphene & aromatic superconductors", given at the Clarendon Lab, Oxford, on 31 May 2012 ppt file
  • An invited talk at "Ultracold Fermi gas, superfluidity & strong correlation", Tokyo, 11 Jan 2012 ppt file

Documents (other files)

  • Encounter with Felix Bloch pdf file
  • Materials I for "Solid State Physics III (undergraduate); Condensed Matter Physics II (postgraduate), Academic year 2015 pdf file
  • Hideo Aoki: Integer quantum Hall effect pdf file

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